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We are here to discuss life topics to challenge and transform your thinking! We are here to give you a new way or tool to think differently. Ways that maybe you haven’t thought of, or haven’t put into practice yet. The goal is to motivate you so that there’s a transformation in your mind for the better. If you can transform your thoughts, you can transform your actions, which will transform your results! Let’s do this!!!!!

Nov 25, 2021

Certified and Accredited Master Coach

Organizational Facilitator

As a coach of twenty years standing my passion and purpose is the transformation of my clients. When my clients transform and get what they want my heart sings – and that is simply the best feeling.

I started my money journey in 2015. I'd been busy coaching other women about Impostor Syndrome, organizational culture, and politics, how to get ahead in their positions and ask for more money, how to put an end to under-earning and upgrade their lives but like the painter whose own house needs painting I spent zero time attending to my own life and my own money.